DIY Antifoul                 A complete guide Information on antifouling your boat yourself. What you need and what you need to do.
SIMPLY THE BEST Based on Biolux® technology. High strength copper based antifouling formulated to offer superior protection. This product has Biolux®: a unique antifouling technology developed by International It consists of a system of organic boosting biocides incorporated in a highly effective controlled release film. In true Micron technology it's self polishing formulation ensures continuous renewal of active layer of paint which results in a hull staying cleaner for longer and reduces the build up of old antifouling
Ultra protection for those looking for a hard antifoul A high strength, hard, scrubbable cuprous oxide based antifouling. Uses Biolux® Technology to block slime and algae growth. For use on fibreglass, wood and primed underwater metals (except aluminium) High strength, hard antifouling with Easy application. Available in a range of colours, Quick drying. Suitable for all types of craft including high speed types which are used frequently. Suitable for trailer type craft. For use on stern drive units, boot tops, and/or props and shafts
A hard high strength antifoul for aluminium vessels  International's Trilux is suitable for use on aluminium hulls but also suitable for use on other substrates. Although the biocides used in Trilux are easier on the environment they ensure good protection in fouling conditions where a hard, scrubbable antifouling is required. Trilux is resistant to abrasion and most suitable for fast, active craft. Trilux contains Biolux® which helps prevent weed and slime build up for fouling free bottom, better fuel consumption and improved performance. 
SIMPLY THE BEST VC Offshore is a medium strength, thin film antifouling that contains a fluoro microadditive, which has been specially formulated to reduce surface friction and drag thus increasing boat speed. It is ideal for the performance-conscious racing yachtperson or high speed powercraft owner.
SIMPLY THE BEST A two pack rapid dry epoxy primer/sanding undercoat for both above and below waterline on steel, timber and aluminium. Extensivley used directly on fibreglass to seal and fight against osmosis. Available in white 16 litre drum.
Buy International Anitifouling paint at wholesale prices Are you tired of your current antifoul not lasting a season? Switch to the leaders in marine coatings. International paints are extensivley used in deep sea operations around the wourld including military, oil tankers, bulk carrier, cruise liners, oil and gas. It’s superior performance and lasting endurance will save you time and money in the long run and the flagship product Micron 66 is unmatched by our compeditors. It’s advanced self polishing formula creates a smoother and smoother finish as it polishes itself increasing performance and lowering your operating costs.
Our Range of International products We have cheap International Antifouling paint for extended protection


Long protection Less haulouts International Antifoulings last longer than any other antifoul paints we have used with Micron 66 the strongest protection available for non comercial vessels (aluminium hulls should use trilux33)
Fast Delivery or Sydney pick up Have your International Antifouling order delivered by our fast delivery service anywhere in QLD,VIC and NSW. Please contact us for Sydney pick up options.
Wholesale prices for International antifouling When it comes to antifoul paints you truley do get what you pay for and cheaper brands have proven that time and time again with some antifoul lasting 6 months.
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The ultimate antifouling performance,unmatched by any other product One complete application protects even in the harshest fouling conditions for up to 2 seasons. It’s advanced formula actually gets smoother along its suface as it polishes away through a controlled chemical reaction unlike others that will pit out and increase drag throughout use. This leads to substantial performance increases and can save thousands in fuel bills for large fast craft. Sometimes its cheaper to spend more.

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International is the world leader in marine protective coatings. Trusted by professionals that require the pinacle of performance and endurance, International paints are widley regarded as the best season after season. Ultimate protection does not come cheap so we help reduce your costs with wholsale prices on International antifouls that last longer with multiseason protection meaning less expensive haulouts.
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SIMPLY THE BEST A two pack rapid dry epoxy primer/sanding undercoat for both above and below waterline on steel, timber and aluminium. Extensivley used directly on fibreglass to seal and fight against osmosis. Available in white 20 litre drum.
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A Guide for DIY antifouling  The decision to do your own antifouling should not be taken lightly. You need to be prepared for whats involved so you don’t have surprises and you get the job done well. It is important to have a clear idea of what you need to do, have all the tools and safety protective gear and of course enough product. Those that are much smarter than I would choose to have the ‘professionals’ take care of the job but I have been doing my own antifouling since 2007. On many of these occassions I have witnessed the ‘professionals’ lift out a boat, waterblast it, roll on a single coat (whilst the boat was still wet) add a bit more to the water line and keel and drop it back in. I was amazed at there speed having one 30ft or so yacht hauled out antifouled and back in the water in a couple of hours. The first thing to consider is location. Many slipways do not allow you to carry out your own work so you will need to make sure the slipway you intend to use will allow it and if they do what days and times you can access it. Some slipways will only give you access on weekends and others weekdays. Your next important decision is choosing your antfoul and quantity, primer needed, antifoul-propspeed or alternative (running gear and props) and dont forget anodes and you should polish (fibreglass boats) at least up to the gunwales while your boat is on the hardstand. When choosing which antifoul to use you must first consider your hull (alluminium would require trilux 33 or similar) its use (high speed, low speed-regullar use) and then decide on a hard antifouling or self polishing (eroding-ablative-polishing) finish. If you have a very fast boat that is used very regularly then hard antifoul is normally choosen Keen racing types sometimes prefer hard products as they can be wet sanded to a smooth finish prior to racing. Self polishing or eroding antifoul paints as there name implies erode away during use which then leaves a fresh protective barrier fighting marine growth and fouling. Traditionally I have used Micron extra on my vessels with great results but Micron66  is the ultimate in antifouling performance and offers the longest protection which I have now switched to. Next you will need to figure how much paint you will require to do at least 2 full coats pluss an extra coat along the waterline, keel and any leading/trailing edges. For a rough estimate of the area to be painted, multiply the length of your hull (LOA) by the beam and multiply by 0.85 (LOA x B x 0.85 = Area). Then divide the area by the coverage of the paint you’ve chosen to determine how many litres per coat you will need. Dont forget to add extra for the waterline, keel, leading/trailing edges and props and running gear if you choose to antifoul these.
DIY Antifouling            

A complete guide

A comprehensive guide on how to antifoul a boat yourself
Vessel being lifted after 2 years in Sydney Harbour without having bottom cleaned.                         Antifoul- International Micron Extra